Thursday, December 4, 2014

Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland & Update

Hello lovelies...
November 6th 2014 was the second annual Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland.
I had so much fun that day, we got there just in time for the last group picture
in Toontown. We made it with ten minutes to spare.. it gave me enough time
to catch my breath, after running to toontown.. 

As we waited I got a bit teary eyed, seeing all of the people in purple shirts..
As we started taking the group picture, a cast member ran and stood beside the
photographer and started waving her arms, I thought to myself, "OMG!! is a character
going to come and join our group pic... and YES! Pluto wanted to be in our 
group pic, so we took another set of group pics..

Photographer :

We asked the photographer to take a pic of myself and my husband, and I love
way it came out..


Second Annual Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland
& I am two years seizure free, I am so happy about that..
I ecstatic about, I'm making sure I'm eating right,
getting enough sleep and trying not to stress out to much.
Exercise has been such a big help,
Along with the above mentioned, I started clean eating, I cut out 
all processed foods, sodas, breads, pastas, & dairy.
Cutting out all of the above mentioned yummy foods has really
helped, I do still indulge every once in a while. My favorite
indulgence is the protein style burger at in-n-out...
so yummy!!

I consulted my doctor and she gave me the go ahead.
But to take notes in any changes, whether good or bad. 
I slept better, and my twitches (myoclonic jerks have stopped).
I do plan on going vegan sometime soon, but that's something I
have to consult my doctor about..

Please do not start any diet changes without first consulting your doctor. 

Another two years seizure free and I can start driving,
which I am looking forward to. 
Here is the link for the Epilepsy Awareness Day at Disneyland
Facebook page

Thank you so much for reading...
til next time lovelies...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Meeting Celebrities at Disneyland

I met my first celebrity and it happened at my favorite place, that night I was with my best friend Bre her girlfriend and my husband. We had talked about meeting celebrities my husband has met Nicholas Cage & Travis Barker. My best friend has met Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco, & Josh Dallas from Once Upon a time. The latter of which happened on a night when a cast member had been particularly rude to her, and meeting him was just the thing she needed.

Bre & Josh Dallas... such happy on her face.

I had mentioned who we had seen, Jack Black & Selena Gomez. And after I remember thinking "I would love to meet someone famous here.. my ultimate dream is to meet either Dick Van Dyke or Julie Andrews.
We made our way to Big Thunder Mountain, and I always bring a book with me whenever we go to Disneyland in a group, there are some rides I won't touch because of my epilepsy, and big thunder mountain is one of them, it hurts my brain and makes me feel really uncomfortable. So I went to sit on one of the benches by the ride. They came back and said Miranda Cosgrove sat in front of them and that she was at the exit taking pictures with fans. My husband asked me if I wanted to go over and get a pic. I remember nodding yes, but was extremely nervous, he called her name and asked if we could get a picture and she said yes, I remember telling her "I'm such a huge fan of yours", and she said thanks. I loved her in school of rock, & icarly is one of my favorite shows, if Jerry Trainor had been there I know I would have cried.

my best friend said it best. "I lived my icarly dream..

if you've met any celebrities at Disneyland leave me a pic down below, I would love
to see who you've met.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Product Review: Wet N Wild Mega Plump Mascara

Plump up the volume! Get 5 times the volume with this mascara that amplifies 
and plumps for plush, dramatic lashes. This volumizing formula delivers thicker lashes
in an instant. The voluminous brush wraps around the entire lash line for full
impact without the clumping.

Cruelty Free

Available in:
Very Black

*This Review is for the Waterproof formula only.*

I remember the old packaging of all of the wet n wild mascaras, and this one
was my least favorite, it was very weird to hold. Within recent years they
have changed the look of a lot of their makeup, and not only that but they
stepped up as far as the quality of the products.
I love this new packaging, it's much more sleek and easy to handle.

 I'm going to start off with the wand, its a plastic wand,
I have no preference when it comes to wands, this one is a larger,
perfect for creating more voluminous lashes.
The formula of this mascara is a little bit dry.
There is a little bit of clumping but it's not a lot.
Does it give me 5x the volume ? No
It does give me noticeably more voluminous lashes
but I do not agree with the claim of 5x the volume.
The packaging claims 5x the volume, and the website claims 3x
the volume, which I completely agree with.

Quality control issue
I have purchased this mascara numerous times, on one occasion I bought
it and there wasn't enough product in the tube. I have only
experienced this once since I've started buying this mascara,
and it hasn't happened since.

As far as it's waterproof qualities, it gets the job done,
I like to layer my mascara and I always end with this one.
It's safe to say that there is a good chance that I'll cry whenever
we go to Disneyland, and every time I have my lashes still look good.

Would I recommend this product ?
Yes. It's a great waterproof mascara that gives
you noticeably fuller lashes.

Here are some pics of my lashes before/after using this mascara

If you have this mascara let me know in the comments how
it's worked out for you...

til next time lovelies....

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Product Review: Wet N Wild Mega Length Mascara

This award winning mascara delivers up to 80% longer looking lashes. One sweep of this
amazing lengthening formula creates lavishly long lashes with perfect definition. A special
blend of waxes provides maximum length with amazing staying power. The          specially-

designed brush visibly lift each and every lash for lash-by-lash separation.This is a review
of the non-waterproof mascara.

Available in: Very Black
 And Waterproof

.27 fl oz.

the older packaging was a dark blue tube with silver writing that would
come off easily. I would put tape on it so the lettering wouldn't come off
 I love the color, and it makes it stand out a bit more than
the previous packaging did. And the lettering hasn't fade away.
I love the thin wand, it's easy for me to get the outer lashes and give them
that wispy look, and perfect to get into the bottom lashes.
I know there are some that don't like plastic wands, but I personally don't mind
them.I feel each different wand type will give your lashes a different look.
And to me this one separates your lashes.
Has a more wet formula like the Mega Protein Mascara, but I don't
mind, I usually layer my mascaras, so while this is drying I apply the last
It doesn't clump, or flake, and gives my lashes a natural but lengthened look.
Now as far as giving my lashes any volume, it does but it's not a lot
and it takes some work to get it.
As far as the lasting power it does last a good amount of time, I've have worn this alone
for a seven hour shift at work and it still looked good and the end of my shift.

If you have used this mascara let me know down below in the comments what you think of it..
Til next time lovelies...

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Nail art designs: Nude & Black

for this nail art I used to colors,
Wet N Wild's private viewing
Jordanna's black & Nail Art pop nail polish.

I started by applying my basecoat,
I love jordanna's garlic growth basecoat.
I applied wet n wild's megalast nail color in
Private Viewing. It's my favorite nude color
there is a slight shimmer to it, I noticed the shimmer
after I first tried it and fell in love.

I used ice water to dry them. 

I started using jordanna's black nail polish
and mixed it with their Pop art nail polish.

For the polka dots, I used two different sized dotting tools.
I started with bigger dots at the tip and left some open space
to apply the smaller size dots.

I decided to do the same design on my right hand, and it came out
good, I have to practice on two things, the first is just drawing designs
on my right hand and the second is drawing a good straight line
with my left hand.

Practice means more nail designs which is always fun.

I once again used ice water to dry my nails.
I noticed less streaking with my nail art
after using ice water to dry my nails.

my left hand 

my right hand

I'm very happy with the way they came out,
I've gotten some compliments on them too..
Do you have a favorite nude nail polish, if so leave me a comment
below, I'm always on the lookout for more nude nail polishes..
thanks for reading...
til next time lovelies...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nail art designs: Glitter polka dot love

Hello lovelies, today I am going to share some nail designs, I recently did on my nails and I am quite pleased
with the way they came out.

I used Revlon's Temptress for my pinky & index finger, I wanted a sheer
light pink but I didn't have one that I liked, so I went with this one.
OPI's Skull and Crossbones for the remaining three.
For the designs the white was a sinful colors nail polish
the name escapes me at the moment but any white nail polish will do.
The glitter was part of the Designer Disney Princess nail polish set
that was released in 2011, I used Cinderella's color.


So I used ice water to help dry them dry because I still had some other
stuff to do, I grabbed my pencil case and smeared some of the
polka dots.

I'm really happy with the way they came out. I'm
glad the polka dots got smeared where they did
because it isn't really noticeable.

Hope you enjoyed the design, thanks so much for reading..
til next time lovelies....

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Product Review: Desert Essence Coconut Hair Defrizzer and Heat Protector

Moisturizes hair and restores healthy luster.

Leaves hair smooth and soft.
Protects hair against heat styling damage.

A unique blend of 4 desert botanicals and coconut oil extracts
help prevent and repair damage to hair leaving hair
smooth and healthy. This lightweight spray penetrates hair cuticle
and conditions from within, protecting the surface of the hair
against further damage. Jojoba seed extract conditions and
adds shine.

Jojoba and Coconut Extracts help nourish brittle hair and condition
dry scalp restoring moisture.
Cactus and Agave drench hair in moisture and hep restore a healthy luster

Panthenol or Provitamin B5 penetrates and seals hair surface to protect
it from styling damage.

8.5 fl.oz
100% Vegan
Wheat, Glutten and Silicone Free.

*I personally love the scent of this, I'm a sucker for anything Pineapple or Coconut scented.
*It is a bit strong at first, and the scent does fade but it's a muted scent, and it does linger for a
  bit, and it does fade away.
*If you are sensitive to smells I would smell this first.

Product:I'm dividing this in two parts since its a hair defrizzer and heat protector.
Heat Protector:*As a heat protector it works great, I saw less split ends, I wasn't curling/straightening my hair
  as often and I wasn't using a blow dryer at all.
*It doubles as a natural leave in hair conditioner with its natural coconut, jojoba oils.
*as far as heat protectant, I feel it does work, it does help protect against split ends,
  but I don't believe it can repair them, I've always believed that there is no repairing them.
 *When used consistently your hair's natural shine does come through.
*As a defrizzer I do feel it works, if you are looking for something to completely get rid of
  frizzy hair then and there this isn't it.
*If you use this product over time, and consistently,now I'm not saying straighten your hair
  everyday but even just using it as a leave-in conditioner after you get out of the shower.
*My hair can be pretty unruly, and using this along with other products has helped.
*Using this alone will help you but when its used in combination of other products to help
   tame the unruly frizzies, I believe it does help.

On days that I don't use any heat on my hair I spray this after I get out of the shower and let my
hair air dry, once in a while I'll give myself a blow out, I'm trying not to use my curling iron as much.
this gives my hair a shine, which is what really drew me to this product, well that and it's cruelty free.