Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Product Review: Jason Naturals Aloe Vera Pure Natural Deodorant Roll-On
Our Pure Natural Deodorant Roll-On effectively controls odor
for long lasting protection.Naturally sourced corn and rice
starches neutralize odor, while grapefruit seed extract known
for it's antimicrobial properties, help fight odor causing bacteria.
Natural Aloe Vera and nourishing Vitamin E soothe and soften your

No Aluminum,Parabens,
Phthalates or Propelyne Glycol

3 fl oz.

Cruelty free

Leaping Bunny Certified

**This Review is for the Roll on only**
Packaging:*Slim bottle, I prefer a slim bottle vs. a wider one becasue the wider
  ones are just awkward for me to handle...
*twist off cap
Scent:*it has a light pleasant Aloe Vera scent.
*if you are sensitve to scents I would recommend
  smelling this before purchasing.

Product:*I have a love/hate relationship with all roll-ons in general.
*I put it on shirtless, because I want it on my underarm not my shirt.
*I want the aloe vera stick but the vitamin shoppe did not have so I
  went with the roll-on.
*It lasts for four hours(my shifts are usually 4 hours long) I wore it
  to work and when I got home I smelled a little
*If you're an active person you are going to be reapplying after 4 hours.
*I love using this when I'm just lounging around at home.
 ( I have a non-cruelty free one for work/more active days)
*I am excited to try their deodorant stick to see if it will be stronger for work.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Product Review: Desert Essence Daily Essential Moisturizer

*Re-hydrates skin with regular use
*Restores skin's softness
*Soothes and helps nourish, day or night

The essential oil of the flowering geraniums adds a soft natural fragrance to this
daily moisturizer, fortified with jojoba oil and aloe vera to soothe, restore and main-
tain the soft feel you love in your skin.

Made in the USA

4 fl oz/120 ml

*I usually like to start with packaging but
  for this product I am starting with the scent.
*The first time I smelled this I thought it was
  different scent I never smelled before, I looked at
  the description and I've smelled Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil, but never the gera
  nium the more I smelled it, I could pick up the sweetness of the geranium.So if
  you are sensitive to scents I would recommend smelling this in store before purchasing.

*Comes in a jar with a twist top lid.
*Each skin type has a different color label.
*Packaging includes the usual information plus
  a list of what this product has/doesn't have

The NO List:
*No animal derived ingredients
*No animal testing
*No parabens
*No artificial fragrances/dyes
*No petroleum compounds including mineral oil
       petrolatum and paraffin.
*No glycols
*No Phthalates

The YES list:
*Yes vegetarian/vegan
*Yes recyclable
*Yes gluten free
*Yes biodegradable
*Yes renewable resources
*Yes cruelty free
*Yes fragrance free

*Bought this product to replace my previous non-cruelty free
*Like any new product I did a test spot on my neck to see how
  my skin would react to it.
*The moisturizer is thick so a little bit goes a long way.
*When I first purchased I was not using this consistently and never
  noticed a change.
*So with the second jar I have been using it consistently
 and my face has gotten smoother and my makeup looks
 so much better.
*I like to use this twice a day once in the morning and the second before bed.
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