Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Disneybound at Disneyland : Minnie Mouse

So last year I came across Disneybounding on tumblr, I don't remember
how I came across it but I'm glad I did
What is Disneybounding you might ask ?

Disneybounding is putting an outfit together inspired by your favorite Disney attractions and Characters by using clothing/accessories that you already have or buy from your local retailer. And that work with your budget. Since adults are not allowed to wear costumes at the Resort (with the exception of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party) you're dressed up but just not in costume.

I am a huge Disney fan and I love the idea of it. I knew I wanted my first disneybound to be Minnie Mouse but I had nothing in my closet to disneybound as her... a couple of weeks before I found out about disneybounding I ordered a shirt with P.Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. So I decided to go with Finding Nemo first. I had the shirt and pants just needed shoes and accessories. I found some starfish earrings and ring at payless shoes, both were on sale. Blue shoes at Target which were $9.99 and an orange handbag at DD's Discount for 12.99. And my mom got me a Finding Nemo ribbon to tie to my handbag..

So the first time I Disneybounded Minnie Mouse was at the Monstrous Summer event last June.
                                       And the gentleman can also disneybound,
                                     my husband disneybounded as Mickey Mouse
                            As we walked by Minnie was about to take a pic with another
                            family she walked out and pointed to me and blew me a kiss.
                            Needless to say I had Disney feels...and teared up a bit.
                            So I had the accessories just not the clothes so I had some shopping to do..
                            Red Polka Dot Top: DD's Discount $8.99
                            Black Pants (Canyon River Blues)Sears: $22.99
                            Shoes: Bongo brand, available at kmart, bought at sears
                            on sale for 9.99 using my associate discount I paid 7.99.

So here are the pictures my husband took on Sunday...
I made one change, I bought black skinny jeans
Walmart (Jordache) 17.88
In Minnie's Chair
Disneyland Resort Minnie has blue eyeliner
so I added some blue eyeshadow.
          Lovely Day for Tea outside..

In comparison of the Monstrous Summer Minnie Disneybound to the recent one, I like the more
recent one better. The first one seems incomplete to me, in the second one with my nails and my lipstick it looks more complete. I decided to change my pants because I wasn't liking that the first pair were a bit baggy..

I would love to see some of your disneybounds... follow me on tumblr  to share disneybound pics.
Thanks so much for reading.... Til Next Time...