Thursday, August 28, 2014

Product Review: Wet N Wild Mega Length Mascara

This award winning mascara delivers up to 80% longer looking lashes. One sweep of this
amazing lengthening formula creates lavishly long lashes with perfect definition. A special
blend of waxes provides maximum length with amazing staying power. The          specially-

designed brush visibly lift each and every lash for lash-by-lash separation.This is a review
of the non-waterproof mascara.

Available in: Very Black
 And Waterproof

.27 fl oz.

the older packaging was a dark blue tube with silver writing that would
come off easily. I would put tape on it so the lettering wouldn't come off
 I love the color, and it makes it stand out a bit more than
the previous packaging did. And the lettering hasn't fade away.
I love the thin wand, it's easy for me to get the outer lashes and give them
that wispy look, and perfect to get into the bottom lashes.
I know there are some that don't like plastic wands, but I personally don't mind
them.I feel each different wand type will give your lashes a different look.
And to me this one separates your lashes.
Has a more wet formula like the Mega Protein Mascara, but I don't
mind, I usually layer my mascaras, so while this is drying I apply the last
It doesn't clump, or flake, and gives my lashes a natural but lengthened look.
Now as far as giving my lashes any volume, it does but it's not a lot
and it takes some work to get it.
As far as the lasting power it does last a good amount of time, I've have worn this alone
for a seven hour shift at work and it still looked good and the end of my shift.

If you have used this mascara let me know down below in the comments what you think of it..
Til next time lovelies...