Saturday, April 16, 2016

what to wear to Dapper Day ?

I found out about Dapper day on Tumblr, they explained the concept behind the event and I was in love. Looking at pictures of Disneyland at its start is always fun to see for many a reason how much the park has changed, and to see what people were wearing at the time. I've always been enamored with vintage pictures, ads, movies & fashion of the 1950's since I first saw my first I Love Lucy episode when I was a little girl. My dream has always been to have a closet full of clothing like the type that Lucille Ball wore in the show, and in particular the dresses. Another reason for me to love Dapper day is because I get to add one more dress to my wardrobe.

For every Dapper Day event that we've gone to I've always bought a swing style skirt. I have Disneybounded twice and the rest were just dresses that I fell in love with while looking for
a dress to Disneybound in.

If you are planning on attending Dapper day events and need some help as far as what to wear, I thought I'd share what I've worn to past events as inspiration if you've find yourself at a standstill
for what to wear, or if you're like me and love seeing pictures of what everyone wore.

Our first Dapper Day was the spring of 2013 I put together our outfits in a week.
We checked our wardrobe first and went from there, we had luck on our side that week as we were
able to find everything we needed two days before the event.

Fall 2013
we decided to bound as Pongo & Perdita from 101 Dalmations, I ordered a
dress from the UK and did not know about the sizing difference. I received the dress two days
prior to the event and did not want to change our outfits so I sucked it up and wore it. 
Ran into the lovely huitzi21 from youtube. 

Spring 2014
we bounded once again, we went as Aurora & Prince Phillip.
I had ordered the dress from unique vintage, and when I got it I was a little bit disappointed
it looked more like denim in person then it did in picture. Once again despite having a problem
with the dress I wore it. I like the way it looked but wasn't to pleased with the shade of blue. 

Fall 2014
Unique Vintage had another $25 dress sale and as soon as I saw those cuffs I was sold
luckily they had some left in my size. Honestly that is the most glamorous I've felt in 
my life. 

Spring 2015
I had planned on Disneybounding but while I was looking for a dress to go 
with the Disneybound we had planned I saw this dress and fell in love. Its from Hell Bunny.
I loved the way the poppies looked, and I'm a sucker for a 3/4 length sleeve. 

Fall 2015
I had been wanting a little black dress, a little bit after deciding on a black dress, I know
I have shown one previously but I feel the Fall 2014 dress is a more formal dress. 
I found out that Queen of Heartz clothing was having a sample sale and decided to
go. It was my first sample sale and found this dress. I love the white collar. 

I'll be attending the Dapper Day events in Anaheim on May 1st, which
coincides with Bats Day at the park. Check back after to see my dress. 

Those are all of my past Dapper Day looks, I have a video in which I share
some of these Dapper day looks and some outfits I had in my closet that
I would wear to Dapper day. 

If you've attended Dapper Day what is the outfit you felt the most glamorous in?
I'd love to see some pics down below in the comments. 

Til next time lovelies..