Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Product Review: Desert Essence Coconut Hair Defrizzer and Heat Protector

Moisturizes hair and restores healthy luster.

Leaves hair smooth and soft.
Protects hair against heat styling damage.

A unique blend of 4 desert botanicals and coconut oil extracts
help prevent and repair damage to hair leaving hair
smooth and healthy. This lightweight spray penetrates hair cuticle
and conditions from within, protecting the surface of the hair
against further damage. Jojoba seed extract conditions and
adds shine.

Jojoba and Coconut Extracts help nourish brittle hair and condition
dry scalp restoring moisture.
Cactus and Agave drench hair in moisture and hep restore a healthy luster

Panthenol or Provitamin B5 penetrates and seals hair surface to protect
it from styling damage.

8.5 fl.oz
100% Vegan
Wheat, Glutten and Silicone Free.

*I personally love the scent of this, I'm a sucker for anything Pineapple or Coconut scented.
*It is a bit strong at first, and the scent does fade but it's a muted scent, and it does linger for a
  bit, and it does fade away.
*If you are sensitive to smells I would smell this first.

Product:I'm dividing this in two parts since its a hair defrizzer and heat protector.
Heat Protector:*As a heat protector it works great, I saw less split ends, I wasn't curling/straightening my hair
  as often and I wasn't using a blow dryer at all.
*It doubles as a natural leave in hair conditioner with its natural coconut, jojoba oils.
*as far as heat protectant, I feel it does work, it does help protect against split ends,
  but I don't believe it can repair them, I've always believed that there is no repairing them.
 *When used consistently your hair's natural shine does come through.
*As a defrizzer I do feel it works, if you are looking for something to completely get rid of
  frizzy hair then and there this isn't it.
*If you use this product over time, and consistently,now I'm not saying straighten your hair
  everyday but even just using it as a leave-in conditioner after you get out of the shower.
*My hair can be pretty unruly, and using this along with other products has helped.
*Using this alone will help you but when its used in combination of other products to help
   tame the unruly frizzies, I believe it does help.

On days that I don't use any heat on my hair I spray this after I get out of the shower and let my
hair air dry, once in a while I'll give myself a blow out, I'm trying not to use my curling iron as much.
this gives my hair a shine, which is what really drew me to this product, well that and it's cruelty free.