Wednesday, October 30, 2013

DIY Halloween: Spooky Vase

Halloween has always been my favorite time of the year, and I've always wanted to have our house decorated year around with Halloween decorations, now don't get me wrong I love Halloween decorations, but my mom not so much.. So we're re-decorating our bedroom and it's going to be inspired by The Nightmare before Christmas, it's always been mine and my husband's favorite movie.
So for this DIY Spooky Vase
you will need:
White Artificial flowers,
Small toy spiders
Black Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun

Spider Webs
Reminder all of the above mentioned materials can be changed
to your liking... =)
I started by measuring out how much ribbon I would need for the neck of the vase, and set it aside.
Next I lit a match and frayed the edges of the ribbon, so it wouldn't come apart while working with
it. I took the hot glue gun and put a little dab of it at the end of the ribbon and placed that on the neck of the vase, wrapped it around the neck and placed a second dab of glue on top of the first. I had it overlapping a little bit which is fine, this part is covered by the little purple bat I placed on top.
the ribbon & purple bat added.
I only needed 3 bunches of the flowers, so I set the others aside for another project. I then arranged
the flowers to my liking and set them inside the vase and set that aside.
I grabbed the spider rings and began cutting the ring part off...
Spidey rings before...
Spidey ring after...
I cut 5 but I ended up putting 1 more because
there were some open spaces that I wasn't liking.
Now grab that vase again, before you start placing
the spiders on the flowers look at the flowers
and decide where you want them to go...
And after you decide starting putting them on the flowers...
And viola! it's finished... a shot from above
I know I mentioned in the video that I wouldn't
be putting in the spider webs, but I thought I'd put
them on there just to see how it looked and I loved it,
so I kept it...
I was originally going to use a skull ring and keep it with the two colors, but it didn't turn out well so I went with the purple bat, I love the way the end result came out, this would look really cute for a Halloween centerpiece or if you're like me and you want Halloween year around this is a cute idea, and inexpensive, the flowers were .97 each, the vase was$1.00, ribbon was $1.00 as well, and the pack of spider rings pack was 2.99 at Michael's so all together I spent about $10.00 which was awesome!... Thanks for reading.. link for video will be posted as soon as it's ready... =D
Til Next Time...