Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DIY Halloween: Storage Bin Decoration

I mentioned in my spooky vase post that my husband and I were re-decorating our bedroom, so I'm starting with our closet, with little touches here and there..
So we recently got a 5 shelf bookcase and we were able to move some things around, and my arts and crafts things were out and in the way so I said to myself ok I should get some plastic storage bins and keep it in the garage, so I was at work and someone left a black storage bin in my department and that's when it hit me, I could use these to store my arts and crafts materials and decorate the outside with a purple ribbon. So that's when we decided to do redecorate our room inspired by The Nightmare before Christmas... I talked to my husband about it shared my idea and he liked it, so I bought two of the bins the next day at work...
So for this storage bin decoration
you will need:
Storage bin,
hot glue gun,
All of these can be modified to suit what you have.
The first thing I did was take the ribbon and place some tape at the end of the ribbon to help me
decide where I want to place the ribbon.
So after I knew where I was going to place the ribbon, I took the tape off and frayed the edges of
ribbon..So it wouldn't be in my way...
So I put a dab of the glue on ribbon and placed it at the starting point and and applied gentle
pressure to get the ribbon to stick to the bin... I put a dab of glue in the middle of the ribbon
on all four sides..
the ribbon glued in place
So I took the pack of skeleton bones that I picked up at Party City for $2.99 and chose two,
when I filmed this I did not notice that when I glued the second one that it was bigger than
first so I had to take it off and place a same size bone lol..
So I glued both bones, and made sure they were the same distance apart and all that jazz.
 And here is the final product...