Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Product Review: Alba Botanica Natural Hawaiian Cocktail Bodywash Lava Flow

A shot that is oh so smooth.
For a shower erupting with skin-softening Polynesian pleasure, look for this exfoliating
cocktail. Tiny natural loofah scrubbles, fruit extracts and sugar can extract, our secret
rum loving ingredient, scrub, smooth and soften to reveal your skin's hidden beauty.
To escape the everyday, let this cocktail wash away your cares. The only thing missing
is a mini umbrella. Okole Maluna.


Close up of the little loofah scrubbles...
 Retails for $8.95
on the Alba Botanica website

Available at select Targets as well.
100% Vegetarian.
 NO: Animal testing
Artificial colors
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Sodium Myreth Sulfate.
This body wash is part of their Hawaiian Body care collection, there
are two others in the collection, Creamy Pina Colada and Revitalizing
Mai Tai. All of which have yummy names in my book.

* Scent has always been a deal breaker for me, if it smells good I'm buying it.
   And this smells so good.
*I can pick up different fruit scents such as mango, strawberry and pineapple,
   there is also papaya in this as well.
*The scent is strong but as you begin to use it the smells lessens.
*If you are sensitive to scents smell this in store before purchasing.
*I love using this in the morning, the smell helps me wake up..
*The scent does linger for a bit, but fades away.
*If you have perfumes with any of the above mentioned fruits
  this would definitely help with layering your scent and helping
  the scent of your perfume last longer.
*Not only does it smell yummy, it works really well.
*It's a happy medium between a thick and thin consistency.
*The scrub isn't harsh like some others are, it's a softer scrub
   that definitely gets the job done.
*It leaves my skin smooth, and smelling great.
*A little of this goes a long way, I've had this since February of
  this year and I still have a lot left.
I bought this to replace my non cruelty-free body wash, and I
was happily surprised, with the holidays coming around I know
I will be taking advantage of any sales they might have to stock up...