Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Product Review: Wet N Wild Mega Impact Mascara

Make an impact. This revolutionary mascara formula provides extreme volume and length
with a silicon complex that provides elasticity and flexibility. Proven to enhance the natural
lash up to 8x, this all-in-one formula is enriched with Kernel Oil to permeate and condition
each lash to promote healthy, strong hairs while adding color and shine.

I love the design on the top portion of the tube..

Close up of the wand...

Retails for $3.99
Available for purchase on
Available in: Very Black
Cruelty Free
Packaging: *Bright orange tube, and this color to me just screams 80s.
*One I have one cons with this product and the first being the lettering on
this does come off after a while so I put some tape on the lettering to keep
it from coming off.
*It reminds me of the covergirl lashblast at least I think that's what it's called

This mascara is a drier formula but it's not too dry. and it does dry quickly.

*On it's own I do see difference in my lashes, they do look volumized,
  I'll have to try two coats and post pics of both, and with layering
*Now layering this mascara with other mascaras and it works
  really well, I use the wet n wild mega protein mascara first since
  the formula of that one is more wet. Followed by the mega impact
  mascara and ending it with the mega length mascara.
*As far as clumping I haven't experienced any but clumping happens
 when you re-apply mascara to already dried mascara.
*there is no weird or unpleasant smell.
*The brush is a big size but it's not too big and there is a slight layering
  in the brush. 

Final thoughts:
I love this product, honestly the reason I picked this up was purely because
of the color, if I see something that just screams 80s and I Need this in my
life!!! wooot wooot for all the babies born in the 80s..
Thanks so much for reading...Til Next Time lovelies..