Friday, November 29, 2013

Meeko Inspired Disneybound

So Meeko has always been on of my favorite Disney characters, he's adorable, and he can
braid hair, every single time I've tried to braid my hair, I end up frustrated, mad and wanting
to punch something so having my own meeko to braid my hair would be awesome..

So I had the shirt in my closet for about a year, when I bought it, it was too tight so I started
buying clothes for other disneybounds and forgot about the shirt, I had the gray pants and
couldn't fit into them and just out of curiosity I tried them on and they fit, so I tried the top
and it fit.. I told my mom that I was able to fit into both the top and jeans, so to celebrate
my weightloss she bought me some boots.... (thanks momma!!)
Where I bought everything..
Black Beanie, Hot topic = $9.99
Top, Kmart = $14.99
Jeans, DD's Discounts $14.99
Boots, Kmart $34.99
Ring, Hot topic $4.99
Purse, Disney Store $24.50

I had to include meeko in the pic...
Ok so the necklace I got the
black chain at Disneyland with these
mickey charms, so I took off the charms and used the
chain, and the meeko charm was on a vintage
Pocahontas charm bracelet I found at frank and sons
for a $1.00 and I had my husband take it off of the bracelet.
For my nails I decided to go with black,
and painted one nail in Wet N Wild's Silvivor,
and after I had finished putting the top coat on
I realized I had O.P.I skull and crossbones and I
re-did the ring finger with that color. I like the way Silvivor
looks but I love the way skull and crossbones looks..
Here is a little collage I put together..
Hope you enjoyed this disneybound..
Til Next Time..