Friday, January 18, 2013

53 Things To do In 2013
Here is the rest of my list including all of the ones that were mentioned in my youtube video,
before I go any further I have to thank my friend bre who suggested that I do this list and Im hooked I know I will be doing this for the rest of my life..

1.   Go to an aquarium
2.   Have a beach/bonfire day
3.   Go on a hike
4.   Get a passport
5.   Go on a double date
6.   Observe a different religion
7.   Exercise at least 15X a month
8.   Go whale watching
9.   Watch at least 100 movies
10. Watch 10 documentaries
11. Go to the drive in
12. Go to a sports game
13. Watch a sunrise
14. Watch a sunset
15. Go on a road trip
16. Go camping
17. Join a club
18. Complete a 1,000 piece puzzle
19. Make a time capsule
20. Fly a kite
21. New Year’s Eve kiss
22. Mistletoe kiss
23. Carve my initials in a tree
24. Go Stargazing
25. Go to a museum
26. Volunteer
27. Raise money for a cause
28. Sign up for a local class
29. Have backyard birthday party for Kenny
30. Go to Samara’s Mediterranean Restaurant
31. Go to natural history museum/museum of tolerance
32. Rent water jumper for summer
33. learn to bake
34. Go to a concert with Kenny
35. Redecorate bedroom with nightmare before Christmas theme
36. get a tattoo
37. Go to the San Diego Zoo
38. Group trip to disneyland to fill up a Pirates Of the Caribbean boat.
39. Go to an island
40. Round 1 for karaoke with Kenny.
41. Enter/win disneybound Halloween ball
42. Take metro link to Chinatown.
43. Read Arabian nights
44. Loose 40lbs. (And never find them again)
45. Make photo collage of photo booth pics
46. Visit Marilyn Monroe’s grave
47. Go to Cairo caravan
48. Read all unread books on white shelf
49. Buy Rosetta stone and learn Italian
50. Plant something
51. Take Disneyland tour (dream suite)
52. Take pictures at all suggested picture spots at Disneyland
53. Take picture in front of Nemo ride with nemo outfit on.
54. Fit into black and white sweater/strawberry dress.
55. Take picture in wedding dress in front of castle.
56. Disneybound Disneyland ride outfits (Indiana jones, haunted mansion, Winnie the pooh etc.)
57. Disneyland July 17th with Kenny and bre.
58. Have dinner at Northwood’s inn
59. Make 100 YouTube Videos.
60. Go to treasures of Walt Disney Archives at Ronald Reagan Library
61. Disneybound 7 princess outfits for Princess Week.
62. Go to wigwam Motel in Rialto, CA.
63. Go to a chargers football game
64. Go to a drive in
65. Go whale watching
66. Make a 3d cellphone case
67. Madame taussaud’s wax museum
68. Donate to an animal shelter
69. Make a masquerade mask
70. Have a star wars movie marathon

Here is a link for my youtube video.......
If you decide to make a list, I hope you have the bestest (got that from rugrats) time..
Thanks so much for reading...Til Next Time..=D