Monday, May 20, 2013

Product Review: Desert Essence Daily Essential Moisturizer

*Re-hydrates skin with regular use
*Restores skin's softness
*Soothes and helps nourish, day or night

The essential oil of the flowering geraniums adds a soft natural fragrance to this
daily moisturizer, fortified with jojoba oil and aloe vera to soothe, restore and main-
tain the soft feel you love in your skin.

Made in the USA

4 fl oz/120 ml

*I usually like to start with packaging but
  for this product I am starting with the scent.
*The first time I smelled this I thought it was
  different scent I never smelled before, I looked at
  the description and I've smelled Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil, but never the gera
  nium the more I smelled it, I could pick up the sweetness of the geranium.So if
  you are sensitive to scents I would recommend smelling this in store before purchasing.

*Comes in a jar with a twist top lid.
*Each skin type has a different color label.
*Packaging includes the usual information plus
  a list of what this product has/doesn't have

The NO List:
*No animal derived ingredients
*No animal testing
*No parabens
*No artificial fragrances/dyes
*No petroleum compounds including mineral oil
       petrolatum and paraffin.
*No glycols
*No Phthalates

The YES list:
*Yes vegetarian/vegan
*Yes recyclable
*Yes gluten free
*Yes biodegradable
*Yes renewable resources
*Yes cruelty free
*Yes fragrance free

*Bought this product to replace my previous non-cruelty free
*Like any new product I did a test spot on my neck to see how
  my skin would react to it.
*The moisturizer is thick so a little bit goes a long way.
*When I first purchased I was not using this consistently and never
  noticed a change.
*So with the second jar I have been using it consistently
 and my face has gotten smoother and my makeup looks
 so much better.
*I like to use this twice a day once in the morning and the second before bed.
Hope you enjoyed this review thanks for reading....=D
Til Next time...