Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wet 'n' Wild Intuitive Blend Shade Adjusting foundation + Primer

This revolutionary shade-adjusting technology
starts out white and adjusts to match
your exact skin tone.
Unique primer properties smooth skin
texture for perfect application.
Available in

Cruelty Free


*Squeeze tube bottle
*Color of outside packaging mimicks product.
*Pleasant smell, I personally love the smell of this.
*It does linger for a bit and fades after a bit.
*Has a liquid consistency
*small white beads (color beads)
*Works best when fingers used to apply it to the face.
   I have tried it with a beauty sponge, but I feel I can break down the color beads
   better with my hands then with the beauty sponge or a stippling brush..
*Light coverage
*Can also be used just as a primer.
*I apply it in sections, I start with my neck and work my way up.
                                     (I'll explain in the cons why)
*Product dries, I don't want to say it dries to fast, but between this and
  New York Color's Skin Matching Foundation, New York Colors foundation
  dries faster than this.
*If you have some on your hands that has dried and you apply it to your face
  it will clump up.
Would I recommend this:
* yes I would recommend this, if you have a sensitive face
   (Before I bought this I researched it and some had a burning sensation,
    so air on the side of caution)
*For some the light coverage is a con.
  (I have some acne scarring and I use a concealer before hand)

I hope you found this review helpful...thanks so much for reading....and watching...
Til Next Time...=D