Saturday, March 16, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Nail Designs
My second favorite holiday is St.Patrick's Day
it's my birthday holiday. I cannot draw for the life
of me, so I try to stick with designs that are
easy to do for me.
Here is what did...
Step 1: Apply basecoat..
I use Jordana's Nails be Stronger..
       The second is my Topcoat New York Color
                                                         Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish..

Step 2: Apply Background Colors
For the light blue color on my thumb design I mixed
Sally Hansen's Brisk Blue
Sinful Colors in Snow Me White
For the flag of Ireland on my index finger I used
New York Color Minute Quick Dry in Pumpkin
Sinful Colors in Snow Me White
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Going Green
I did this applying each color and waiting for it to dry
before I applied the next color.
I used Sally Hansen's Xtreme wear in Going Green
for my ring finger..

I used Sally Hansen's Spring Green for
both my Middle Finger and Pinky.
After you have applied all of the background colors
wait an hour before applying anymore colors.
I used my blow drier on the cool setting
to help speed up the process, using the
cool setting will lessen the chances of
Step 3 Apply Designs
For my thumb I used
Rainbow Colors
Sally Hansen in Rapid Red
NYC Minute Quick Dry in Pumpkin
Jordana Pop Art Nail Design in Express In Yellow
Jordana Pop Art Nail Design in Define Green
For the Pot Of Gold I used Nicole by OPI in Disco Dolls
NYC Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish in Blackula
For My Middle Finger:
 I used Disco Dolls and
applied it using a dotting tool, if you dont have one
a bobby pin will work as well, or a paper q-tip cut in half.
Ring Finger:
Using Disco Dolls I appllied this color first for
the gold buckle let it dry and used the Art Deco
Nail color in black for the ribbon..
For My Pinky:
Using the Nicole by Opi in Disco Dolls for the french tip.
And the Pop Art Nail Color in Express in Yellow...
if you are drawing challenged hahaha you can also
use a four leaf clover nail decal.
Here is the finished look
Wanna see the video for this look...
Thanks So Much for Reading...Til Next Time Loves...=D..♥