Sunday, June 12, 2011

Product Review..Wet N Wild Ultimate Match SPF 15 Liquid Foundation..

Wet N Wild Ultimate Match SPF 15 Liquid Foundation
(A picture of one I bought 2 days ago)
"Glides on weightlessly for a sheer to medium coverage that's never heavy, chalky or dull, evens out flaws
with a silky semi matte finish,that let's your natural luminescence shine through.Contains spf 15 for the ultimate in anti-aging treatment.

Colors Available
           * Ivory       *Beige
           * porcelain *Bisque
           * Nude      * Sand
My Skin
My skin had always been dry,using a moisturizer has helped tremendously,it makes my make up look even better,I do get pimples once in a while,but nothing major.

It is true to the statement sheer to medium coverage, and I have to disagree that it evens out flaws,whenever I get a headache my forehead turns red not to red but its still noticeable without foundation.When I use this I have to use a small amount of concealer to reduce the appearance of redness.
That is the only problem I have found with this liquid foundation,as far as the actual product not packaging or anything( I will get to packaging later ..)
I don't mind using a bit of concealer on problem areas,but if your looking for a full coverage this liquid foundation is not for you.

How It Works For Me
Aside from the coverage it works really well.Its lightweight and perfect for the summer,there's nothing more that I hate than wearing liquid foundation during the summer and having it feel heavy and thick.
It has the consistency of lotion and a little bit goes along way,one bottle will last me about a good month and a half..during the summer not so much because I use it everyday.
To me it has a light scent of the sun block..but its not overpowering.
It blends really well doesn't cake or settle,docent leave my face too matted, it gives me a nice flawless look without having to wear so much liquid foundation.
Staying lasts me about a good 8 hours..after 8 I have to reapply my shine free loose powder because my face gets shiny from walking around so much during the day. 

It has gotten bad reviews for Coverage..some find that its not enough coverage and for others its just right..
Packaging is another main reason for the bad reviews..I will agree on that,it is a little bit heavy but not enough for me not to carry this with me..but it depends on your preference.
The same goes for whether or not it has a pump,me I don't mind not having a pump.I have a rimmel London liquid foundation with a pump and I tried using it for my wet n wild but alas it doesn't fit.
Something that no one has mentioned on all of the reviews I have read is that the lettering peels off,
(This is the one that's empty)
This foundation works differently on everybody, you can read all the good and bad reviews but ultimately its a liquid foundation that you would have to buy to see if it works for you..I bought it for either 3.99 or 4.99 don't really remember how much it was..I would rather be out 4 or 5 bucks vs more..
I hope this review was helpful in someway here is a link for the video review I did on YouTube..♥