Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to : Longer Lashes

How to : Longer Lashes
Materials Needed :
*Aloe Vera Gel
*Almond Oil/Olive Oil
*Vitamin E Oil
*Castor Oil
*Small bottle(nail polish, travel size shampoo bottle)
*unused mascara wand/spoolie
Beauty Benefits:
Vitamin E Oil- The beauty benefits of Vitamin E oil are many such as a moisturizer
for dry skin, helps reduce the appearance of scars,acne, freckles, and fine lines.And is the key ingrediant in anti aging creams that help with wrinkles, strengthen nails, and for soft & shiny hair.Both capsule and liquid forms are available in most stores. And for this mixture it will help keep your eyelashes moisturized.
Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera with its many beauty benefits, aloe vera promotes hair growth, and
can be used by all skin types..and its safe and natural.If this is applied just applied
by itself, its a bit too drying for the lashesand has the same effect as clear mascara
but combined with the other indgredients,it stops the mixture being too oily helps
hold the mixture together.

Vaseline - holds the rest of the product together,keeps hair hydrated and provides a protective
barrier against things like dirt and harsh weather..

Castor Oil - is a vegetable oil that comes from the castor bean(castor plant), colorless to very pale
yellow liquid with no odor or taste. More commonly used as a laxaive, and it has a beauty benefits
as well, and in this case this is what will cause the hair to grow.

Almond oil/Olive Oil is a natural growth stimulant and has been used in the Arab and Indian cultures for centuries for healthy strong hair..

Pour a


          *Aloe Vera gel


          *Castor Oil
          *Almond Oil
          *Olive Oil
          *Vitamin E Oil

♦Depending on the size of the bottle you have you could put more, I followed the above and it was
  about a quarter full so I just used more..

I have been using the Wet N Wild's Clinical mascara and my lashes have grown, but I would like to see if they would grow a little bit more, so a co-worker of mine recommended this method...and Im hoping this works..so I thought I would document it here on my blog with updates and pictures every month..

I'm having problems uploading the before picture so I am going to post it on my facebook page, and on here as soon as I can figure out what went wrong.. so here is the link for my facebook page..

Decorating the bottle is not necessary but I can never pass up an oppotunity for arts and crafts time..such fun.

I hope you found this helpful..
Til Next Time..